Ready to conquer the world

Ready to conquer the world

My name is Abhishek Gogoi. I am from Assam, India. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child.

I was told that, as a toddler, my parents had to watch as I missed one developmental milestone after another.

I learnt to walk only when I was 3. My speech was unclear. I had difficulty controlling my muscles.

I found strength in my parents’ love for me. When I was old enough for physiotherapy, they would walk me to my sessions. They insisted that I attend an inclusive school that allowed me to study with other children without disabilities.

My father used to work as a producer and director at a local TV station and was the family’s sole breadwinner. When I was 11, we lost him to cancer, leaving my then-pregnant mother alone to care for the family. After his death, my mother moved back to her hometown, in Guwahati.

In Guwahati, I made new friends and joined Special Olympics Bharat. I started engaging in sports and began training in cricket and shot put. It was there that I developed a keen interest in cycling. There is something just so exhilarating about having the wind in my hair as I pedal towards the distant horizon. I started to find purpose, meaning and friendship.

My mother works at a day-care centre and did not earn very much. Because of our financial challenges, she was unable to buy me a bicycle to train competitively. My coach knew of the difficulties I faced but believed in me regardless. He would lend me his bike during training so that I could condition myself for all my competitions.

In early 2018, I took part in a national cycling championship held in Ranchi, and set the national record for the 10km Individual category. I was overjoyed. That win helped me qualify for the Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Abu Dhabi in March 2019, where I will be competing to bring back a gold medal for my country.

Some friends and a “bicycle mayor” from a non-profit organization, BYCS, heard about my win and helped set up a crowdfunding campaign so that I could afford my own bicycle. Thanks to the outpouring of kindness from strangers, I now have my own bike that I have been using to train for the upcoming World Games.

I have been working towards this dream by following a strict training regiment. Every day, from 11am to 3pm, I head to the gym to help condition my body for the physical demands of competitive cycling. In the evenings, I ride continuously for close to four hours around the city of Guwahati.

Despite the exhausting schedule, I continue to push myself to new limits with each session. I know that every bit of effort I spend in training is a step closer to helping me achieve my dreams of bringing home a gold medal for India during the World Games.

Outside of training, I also enjoy cooking, helping my mum with the housework, graphic design and video editing. One day, I hope to continue my father’s legacy as a content producer, working in the film industry in a big city.

My involvement with Special Olympics has truly opened new doors in my life. With sports, I have become more active and positive. I now understand the sense of achievement that comes with surpassing my own limits, the power of determination and the elation of winning a competition. If not for the movement, my life journey would have started and ended only in my own home.

My name is Abhishek Gogoi. I am 18 this year, and I am ready to conquer the world.


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  • Well done Abhishek……you are a great inspiration for today’s youth……keep doing well……blessings from Jaipur😇😌

  • Congratulations sir…. ur having a amazing fighting spirit . U really inspire me .lots of love from MAHATMA GANDHI OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY COLLEGE ,JAIPUR

  • we proud of uh… jst wanna say never give up nd of course congratulations for ur success may u achieve your all goals nd soon u gonna be the vedio editor in industry…

  • Hi abhishek. I m from jaipur, just read about you and ur story inspired me and at the same moment made me proud of our country and on you . Thank you for inspiring and keep it up

  • I love ur spirit and determination that while having problems u never gived up on anything. Ur hardwork, dedication made us, ur indian proud… We love u Abhishek. We r always with u, will pray for u and many many congratulations for winning medal for india and for those special kids. U inspired everyone

  • Jaipur is with you and Proud of you
    congratulations and thank you for representing INDIA
    your experience and story inspired a lot of people and you are the REAL definition of DETERMINATION

  • The past can not be changed. The future is yet in your power… You proved it.. congratulations #jaipur

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